Pneumatic Tube System Carriers

WSP has been in business since 1976. We provide a complete line of pneumatic carriers, drive-up carriers, hospital carriers, and cash handling products along with other useful products that are well designed and made to last a long time. All our products are proudly manufactured in the United States.

All items are in stock for immediate shipment. Our company is located just north of Seattle, WA in the suburb of Mill Creek. Since we are in the Pacific time zone, we can ship same-day throughout the United States on orders received prior to 6pm Eastern Standard Time.


WSP has been in business since 1976. We provide a complete line of pneumatic carriers, drive-up carriers, hospital carriers, and cash handling products along with other useful products that are well designed and made to last a long time. Our company takes pride in the fact that all our products and materials are manufactured in the United States.


Pneumatic tubes are becoming increasingly popular and important products these days; you may have seen them in banks and in airports, but in recent years they have become more popular in hospitals and pharmacies.


We offer a complete line of drive-up pneumatic tube carriers. These carriers will fit all drive-up units available. They come in various sizes, colors, and either side can be color coded for the specific intended lane.


Our pharmacy carrier was designed for use on a 4.5” pneumatic tube systems. These systems are for drive-up pharmacies. The carrier has a huge capacity for multiple prescriptions.


We manufacture two carriers designed specifically for commercial systems. One is for 4” pneumatic tube systems and the other is for 110mm systems.

About Pneumatic Tube Carriers

If you have ever gone to a drive through bank, you have probably used a tube carrier service. But pneumatic tube carriers are also highly used for transportation in the medical field, as well as safely transporting sensitive materials. Tube carriers are ideal for the medical field because they can isolate samples that need to be tested and send them immediately to their location. They close securely, so the samples remain uncontaminated and will stay locked until you manually open them.

Pneumatic tube carriers come in several styles and colors, and can be transported through tube stations and systems without issue. There is cushioning to keep the pneumatic carrier from bouncing in the tube, and the materials are durable enough to handle continuous trips, and are resistant to popping open. They can also be used for delivery services outside of the tube system because of their secure closure and sanitary interior. When not in use, the carriers are easily stacked, saving you space and making them easy to access when needed.

Our pneumatic carriers also come with the option to choose from a wide range of colors to help clearly organize your system. There are accessories you can purchase as well to help optimize the performance of your pneumatic tube system.

It is good practice for hospitals to use carrier liners to help cushion your carrier’s interior and protect the contents from moving around inside.

Applications For Pneumatic Tube Carriers

Pneumatic tube carriers are often used in settings where fast transportation of small items is required. They include hospitals, where pneumatic tubes are used to move medication, lab results, and other small supplies from ward to ward or different sectors of the hospital. Financial institutions also use these pneumatic carrier systems to transport items like cash and checks from one location to another. Additionally, laboratories are another common setting that utilizes pneumatic tube carrier systems as they are able to transport samples, reports, and other materials quickly and safely.

Other lesser-known settings that rely on pneumatic tube systems include post offices, pharmacies, and even airports. In general, any setting that relies on quick and safe transportation of small items can benefit greatly from pneumatic tube systems. It is also crucial to note that pneumatic tube systems come with a high level of flexibility and customization to fit any organization’s specific needs.

How Pneumatic Tube Systems Work

Pneumatic systems rely on air pressure to push small pneumatic tube carriers along a sophisticated configuration of tubes that are often made of strong plastic. First, the item is placed inside the sturdy pneumatic tube carrier, which is then positioned to be launched. Some sending stations have a locked door installed while others may come with a hatch that simply opens and shuts.

With the help of air pressure, the pneumatic tube carrier is launched and pushed forward at a high speed. When the pneumatic tube carrier reaches its destination, the compressed air will be released, thereby helping the carrier to stop. Typically, both the sending and receiving stations have an alert system to notify employees when a package has been received.

Often, pneumatic tube systems have rather simple configurations that are effective and straightforward. There is often just one receiving station linked to several sending stations. However, there are more sophisticated computerized systems that connect sending stations to a large number of receiving stations. In these sophisticated systems, it is common to have multiple packages all being sent along in different directions at any one time. In fact, some complex pneumatic tube systems may have tons of sending and receiving stations, requiring several compressors to propel the pneumatic tube carriers along.

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