6” Hospital Carrier

Hospitals everywhere realize the need for pneumatic tubes simply because it can make the operation that much more efficient. However, a bad pneumatic tube transportation system can not only be a hindrance, but can also be the downfall of any medical facility.


Our 6” Hospital Carrier comes in a variety of colors and can be one solid color, or half clear/half colored:

  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black

This is part of the reason why medical facilities are necessarily picky when it comes to manufacturers of pneumatic hospital carrier tubing systems. We at Washington Security Products offer only premium quality in pneumatic tubes available to our clients. Our products stand out for a number of reasons, including the following:


The hallmark of a solid pneumatic tube product will always be in the structure of the device. Many novice medical personnel will have problems opening these devices safely, but the pneumatic tubes produced by our company have an easy slide reinforced latching system to make the operation as easy as possible. We provide a 3M brush production, allowing for a longer life of the pneumatic tube and our company will produce these pneumatic tubes in a convenient array of colors. Different colors such as clear, blue, red, yellow, green and black make it useful when you consider what materials you will be transporting in the pneumatic tube and using only specific colors for particular samples.


Breakage incidents in pneumatic tubes is one of the main causes of hemolysis, which is defined as the destruction of red blood cells before their lifespan is up. However, the tubes manufactured by our company have many different measures to prevent against breakage incidents. Sturdiness and craftsmanship are important to us and we are very proud of the fact our pneumatic tubes are thoroughly reinforced to prevent any type of breakage incident. Hospitals and other medical facilities look to us first for all of their pneumatic tube needs since we offer better quality and more security in transporting samples.


Our 6-inch pneumatic tubes have the capability for the end user to install RFID tags. These tags are extremely useful to a medical transportation system because they are not only able to fully manage transactions, but they can document the beginning and the end destinations for all pneumatic tube parcels as well giving the hospital more awareness and control.


Over the years the medical standards have shifted and accuracy has become a key component to diagnosing a disease or medical condition. Quick, efficient and secure methods of transporting samples is a must in any modern medical facility. Samples received in laboratories for quicker turn around rates can mean saving lives.

Although pneumatic tubes have been around for nearly a century, the average size of medical facilities has increased immensely since that time. Transporting a blood or biological sample on foot can be extremely time-consuming. Why not have it done in seconds instead of minutes, giving your staff other more pressing things to be concerned with?

Penumatic tubes also can deliver drugs to the correct department in a quicker amount of time once again saving and reducing human error and reducing the chance of loss of product or prescriptions.

Our pneumatic tube manufacturing company can actually help indirectly with training! Our easily color coded tubes make it easy for anyone to understand just what might be in the tubes. There are major benefits of pneumatic tubes usages in hospitals and larger institutions to decrease the delay time of documentation, drugs and laboratory samples At Washington Security Products we will stop at nothing to ensure you have only the best pneumatic tubes for your medical facility.


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