We manufacture rounded end carriers and flat ended carriers for 6” tube systems. Both carriers have been engineered to have reinforcement….



We manufacture carriers designed to be used on 4” pneumatic tube systems. Our 4” Hospital Carrier comes in a variety of colors and can be one….



Foam liners and inserts are available in conventional foam as well as Memory Foam. These products are an effective way to reduce breakage of..



A pneumatic tube system is an elaborate system of airlift, air tubes, and air transport. Another way to visualize the system would be as a pipeline of capsules. These capsules can add efficiency and security to your hospital and are now considered to be one of the leading methods of transport among medical professionals. Between a sending station and receiving station information, lab test results, medical specimens and other essential hospital materials are able to be transferred as quickly as possible and much faster than any human would be able to achieve the same results. Tubes can be outfitted to host and transport any necessary object or material.

Simple. Fast. Secure. Reliable. A pneumatic tube system can move data and materials throughout your building quickly and safely. Allow your hospital to exchange information at phenomenal speeds and eliminate the time-consuming process of human transport of information.

In a hospital setting, patients are subject to high levels of testing at all times of the day. Getting lab results to doctors as quickly as possible is essential to allowing medical staff to make crucial decisions about their patients as quickly as possible. When it comes to handling patient information, tissue samples, lab tests, medications, and important documents needed to be handled as carefully as possible. Pneumatic tubes can travel as quickly as up to 18 miles per hour. This makes them able to move far more quickly than any person on foot.

Washington Security Products offers a stream-lined design of pneumatic tube system products and carrier tube solutions. Containers are entirely leak resistant and have the largest holding capacity of any carrier available. The pneumatic tube carriers are designed to prevent leaks. They are designed to be easy to load. The risk of breakage is reduced by the placement of rubber bumpers on either side of the container. This reduces the shock that occurs to the container and its contents upon impact. It also helps to reduce the amount of noise caused by arrival of the container.

Hospitals have been adding pneumatic tubes to their delivery system of information to serve a variety of purposes and uses. Blood products, tissue specimens, and medications can be transferred in as little as three minutes even at peak usage times. More importantly, employees can devote their time to their patients rather than to other tasks. The need to walk to the lab is eliminated with the introduction of the pneumatic tube carrier system.


Other carrier options include the rounded end carriers and the flat ended carriers. While other companies have experienced breakage with this design, the team at Washington Security Products has been able to combat this with our reinforced system.

Foam liners inside your carriers can also help to reduce the risk of breakage of the contents inside. When transporting breakable materials or lab samples, it is crucial to keep these items safe and secure. The extra support of a conventional foam liner or a memory foam liner can help to ensure that the contents are kept safe.

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