Foam liners and inserts are available in conventional foam as well as Memory Foam. These products are an effective way to reduce breakage of internal items in both 4” and 6” hospital carriers.


In addition to our conventional foam inserts, we provide MEMORY FOAM inserts. This material has been tested and proven to reduce impact associated with breakage in tube systems.

  • Designed for both 4” and 6” carriers
  • Reduce impact at least 63 fold on 1000 ml IV containers
  • Reduce impact at least 25 fold on 250 ml IV containers
  • All MEMORY FOAM inserts are in stock and available for immediate shipping


Hospitals today are using foam liners and convoluted (egg crate) inserts to help reduce breakage of internal items sent in carriers and to minimize carrier breakage as well. We provide flat foam liners and convoluted (egg crate) inserts for both 4” and 6” hospital carriers. These were designed to accommodate all pneumatic carriers and are universally interchangeable.


  • We offer competitive pricing and extend large volume discounts
  • All liners and convoluted (egg crate) inserts are in stock and available for immediate shipment


The primary goal of Washington Security Products is to offer peace of mind, transparency and an outstanding return on investments for all your hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems & Liners. We strive to offer an automated waste elimination solution with personalized, state-of-art support and maintenance services. We collaborate with the hospital to offer unmatched services by creating a close and personal relationship that is prudently preserved for the long-term. Additionally, we design our service packages based on long-term functionality and operative efficacy meant to deliver confidence for clinical workers and those in charge of maintaining these systems.

By doing that, we give the healthcare service providers time to concentrate on the quality of patient care and patient satisfaction. Our primary objective is to make sure that all hospitals are safe and are operated efficiently. For this reason, here are some of the reasons you should trust our services.

Our Pneumatic Tube Liners

The work of tube liners is to add protection for the pneumatic tube system. Washington Security Products has introduced an assortment of foam liners that are meant to be used in the sealed pneumatic tube systems. Our liners offer a cushioned fortification for lab samples, blood specimens, and medicines. Additionally, they provide leak protection when transporting liquid contents through our pneumatic tube systems. Our form liners are accessible in two types which include the conventional and memory foam. These liners are the safest way to lessen the damage of internal items in all hospital carriers. The conventional liners were designed in a unique way to house all pneumatic tube systems and they are collectively substitutable. On the other hand, the memory foam inserts are designed to reduce the impact linked with breakage in tube systems.


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