Washington Security Products has been in business since 1976. We take pride in providing a complete line of drive-up pneumatic carriers, which are excellent for cash handling products along with other products that are designed to last a lifetime. Our drive-up tube carriers are made to meet the requirements of any bank or standard pneumatic system. Through an assortment of air discs, air rings, felt heads velcro bands, end caps, or color banding options; our products ensure top quality tube carriers that will meet every requirement.

At Washington Security Products we understand that banks and pharmacies need secure, and safe transactions at all their locations. Effective, secure, and user friendly pneumatic tubes are an essential part of most banks and pharmacies’ daily routine. Washington Security Products has been supplying pneumatic tubes for over 40 years and has the experience needed to let your banking and pharmacy products get handled safely.

When it comes to complicated tube systems, you want reliable products that are supplied by an experienced company. We have proved ourselves to be a leader in carriers for pneumatic tube systems, and supplying the highest quality, products that are best for the tubing industry.

In addition, we supply custom solutions for a vast amount of industries, which means your business will always get the most effective tube carrier for your system layout. Time is of the essence in organizations like banks and pharmacies. Our pneumatic tube carriers will provide the verification that your materials were delivered efficiently and will fit all drive-up units available.

Lastly, our pneumatic carriers work in both metal and PVC tubing systems in banks and pharmacies. Washington Security Products provides you a carrier to fit your needs at a good price, long life, and with prompt delivery. They are always guaranteed in stock and ships the same day.

Pneumatic tube systems are a fast, simple, secure, and reliable way of transporting small objects relatively large distances across a building or (using underground or overground pipes) between buildings on the same site. They can move things up, down, or sideways and, because they’re pneumatic, provide a soft, air-cushioned ride for fragile items (many systems use air-cushioned brakes or bumpers that bring arriving canisters slowly to a rest at the receiving station). Since they remove the need for a person to carry things, systems like this save time and money and tend to pay for themselves quite quickly. They also offer secure connections between different parts of a building, reducing opportunities for theft and accidental damage in transit.

Systems like this are widely used in hospitals and department stores, so those are the places to keep your eyes peeled if you’re hoping to spot pneumatic tubes in action. You’re most likely to notice them near checkout desks, especially when someone sends a bundle of money off to the cashier’s department. Look out for a box (with or without a key lock or numeric keypad) with a tube coming out of the top and disappearing into the ceiling up above. You’re unlikely to use a system like this directly unless you work in a bank, store, or hospital, although some pharmacies and banks do use pneumatic tubes to deliver items securely to self-service, electronic kiosks.

Some banks are even allow you to deposit checks electronically via smartphones and tablets. Still, going to the bank is a required errand for many people. If you are one of them, you need to be aware of the rules that govern the use of the drive-up service provided by your bank.

It may not seem like a big deal, but the purpose of the drive-up lanes is to speed up the banking process and provide those with simple transactions a break from having to wait on line inside for the full-service tellers. It is a way for banks to provide a better customer experience. It begins, however, with the customers themselves, and their ability to follow the rules that are in place to allow the banks to offer the experience they wish to provide.


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