Our pharmacy carrier was designed for use on a 4.5” pneumatic tube systems. These systems are for drive-up pharmacies. The carrier has a large capacity which will accommodate the standard blister pack pharmaceuticals.



  • The latching system was designed for easy use and to secure the contents.
  • The Velcro™ air seals/rider bands provide long life and are very quiet during transport.
  • The carrier’s internal capacity is large enough for blister packs.

Part Number: 8080
(4.5″ Pharmacy Carrier)

Pneumatic tube systems help to make pharmacy deliveries more efficient and secure. By harnessing the benefits of this efficient transportation system, drive-up pharmacies can provide better service to patients.

How Pharmacies Can Benefit From Pneumatic Tube Carrier Systems

With the advancement of technology, a fair amount of attention has been turned to using technology to improve logistics in pharmacies. Inefficient logistical systems can cause issues like decreased patient service and care. To reduce manual work, pneumatic tube systems prove useful with their reliability and speed for logistical purposes. These sophisticated systems are widely used for all types of small or medium tasks involved in the day to day operations of a pharmacy.

Some benefits of pneumatic tube systems for pharmacies include saving space as well as time, reducing the average turn around time and improving workforce efficiency. Pneumatic tube systems also help to speed up tasks like delivering drugs and lab samples. When it comes to laboratory specimens, pneumatic tube carriers also help to prevent any possible damage.

With pneumatic tube systems, pharmacies are able to attend to patients and help them with their prescriptions all with minimal interaction. With the greater efficiency in dispensing medicine, some pharmacies are able to dispense up to a thousand prescriptions a day or more.

The higher level of efficiency also translates into better customer service, improved safety for both pharmacy staff and patients, lesser hassle and faster processing times. In times of a pandemic, pharmacies are able to remain open to serve their patients without physical contact and risking the spread of infection and diseases.

The pneumatic tube carrier is a valuable and treasured option, compared to traditional systems and approaches. With the adoption of pneumatic tube systems, pharmacies can successfully improve their efficiency and service to patients. Especially in the event of a pandemic, pneumatic tube systems are a reliable help in allowing pharmacies to continue operating without physical contact.

Our Pharmacy Pneumatic Tube Carrier

Our pharmacy tube carriers will be an indispensable component in your pneumatic tube system. Designed to be easy to use, our tube carriers are large enough to hold and deliver standard blister pack pharmaceuticals safely to patients at your drive-up pharmacy.

Security of contents is a crucial factor in our design and you can rest assured knowing that our Velcro air seals and strong latching system will keep your pharmaceutical content safe.


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