There are a few different types of carriers for pneumatic systems meant for various purposes and industries. Take a look here as we explain more about the various types of pneumatic tube carriers.

Pneumatic Tube Carriers for Drive Ups

Pneumatic tube carriers for a drive in setup are ideal for handling cash and other items. These carriers will meet the standards for any bank or business using a standard pneumatic tube system. They may use various air rings, velcro bands, air discs, end caps, or even come in different colors, but they’ll all meet certain standards.

Pneumatic tube carriers for drive ups work in both metal and PVC tubing systems. This makes them a bit more versatile and allows for flexibility between businesses.

Pneumatic Tube Carriers for Hospitals

Pneumatic tube carriers for hospitals are unique as they are designed to carry more than just cash. These tube carriers can transport lab reports, scans, payments, or lab samples around the building quickly and without being seen by visitors. 

When built for hospitals, these pneumatic tube carriers may come in different sizes, with 6” and 4” being the typical sizes. It’s also possible to find tube carriers that are lined inside with foam to protect sensitive or fragile materials while being sent away. 

A pneumatic tube carrying system in hospitals can save hours by eliminating the need to transport information by hand, especially since hospitals are usually made up of various buildings and complexes across a large land area. Since hospital tube carriers have a bit more customization available to them, it’s easier to find tube carriers for specific, unique needs while also meeting standards.

Pneumatic Tube Carriers for Pharmacies

When it comes to pharmacies, pneumatic tube carriers are often a slight mix between standard tube carriers and hospitals. In typical pharmacies, the tube carrier system will be smaller, meaning you’re more likely to find the 4”-4.5” pneumatic tube carriers here than the 6” ones, though it can vary between pharmacies. 

Pneumatic tube carriers for pharmacies are large enough to accommodate blister packs and many types of pharmaceuticals. They can transport money or medicine and are designed for a drive-up type of system.


The underlying technology of all pneumatic tubes is similar but there are indeed different models and modifications that fit certain purposes and industries better. Ultimately, pneumatic tube carriers are meant to make transportation of items like documents, cash, medicine much more efficient and convenient.