No matter where you live, it is impossible to avoid hearing about the Covid-19 virus. As each day goes by, more and more information comes out, including new recommendations for how to stay healthy. Because of the restrictions being put in place to limit the spread of Covid-19, people are having to figure out how to follow the rules and keep their lives going. Pandemics don’t mean a break from bills or needing to have money. That is why banks and financial institutions need to stay open and available for those who need them, while still keeping those involved safe.

In this climate, drive-up systems are the best way to bank during Covid-19. As the virus remains prevalent, you should expect to see more of these systems being used by banks and financial institutions to help stay open and promote social distancing.

How Drive Thru Banking Works

Rather than walking into a bank, or using an ATM, drive thru banking provides the help of an actual person, without having to come into contact. You simply move your vehicle through the drive- up lane to the designated area. This will allow you to communicate with a bank teller via an intercom, much like any other drive thru process. The intercom will also be attached to a pneumatic tube system that will connect to the interior of the bank.

These drive up systems contain a cylindrical pneumatic carrier that can be opened up to place bank slips, cash, or any other forms that may need to be sent back and forth between you and the bank teller. The tube system will carry the items in the container and there is no need to ever leave your car. While some systems allow you to press a button to send your carrier to the teller, others have the teller pressing all the controls, simply waiting for your signal.

Why Our Company Is the Right Choice

Washington Security Products has been a constant supplier for pneumatic carriers of all kinds for over 40 years, and continues to be during the Covid-19 outbreak. From banks to hospitals, and even regular deliveries, these carriers are secure, durable, and easy to use. While many companies have phased out producing pneumatic carriers for drive thru banking, Washington Security Products has continued to manufacture them for anyone who may need them. Many banks also tossed away their carriers when the phase out happened, making it important to guarantee that they have quality carriers that will work for their systems. As long as Covid-19 is around, and after the pandemic is over, Washington Security Products will be there to provide pneumatic carriers of all kinds for anyone who needs them.