When it comes to the healthcare industry, speed and efficiency are of utmost importance. Whether it’s delivering life-saving treatments or processing critical and urgent tests, time is of the essence and people’s lives are dependent on this efficiency. As such, it’s essential for healthcare facilities to continually seek to improve their efficiency. Today, healthcare pneumatic tube carriers are one of the ways that help healthcare facilities achieve enhanced speed and efficiency.

5 Ways That Pneumatic Tube Carriers Improve Efficiency in Healthcare Facilities

Streamlining Medication Delivery

Pneumatic tube carriers allow medications to be quickly and securely transported from the pharmacy to the point of care, essentially helping to cut down on waiting times for patients.

When a patient requires a specific medication, the order can be quickly processed by the pharmacy and sent directly to the appropriate care unit via the tube system. This means nurses and other staff don’t have to leave their stations to pick up medications, giving them more time to focus on directly caring for their patients.

Improving Specimen Transport

With pneumatic tube carriers, specimens can be sent to the laboratory swiftly without needing someone to physically take the specimens to the lab, which can be a lot slower and might even cause delays in testing.

By getting specimens to the lab faster, pneumatic tube carriers help to speed up the entire process of testing and getting results back. This is especially crucial for tests that are time-sensitive or urgent. When labs are able to work more efficiently, it also means that doctors can make decisions about patient care a lot sooner.

One of the main concerns with transporting laboratory specimens is the risk of damage. When carried by hand or delivered manually, there’s a higher risk of the specimen being dropped or exposed to damage. Pneumatic tube carriers help to cut down on the amount of manual handling involved since the specimens are sealed up tight in a carrier the whole time they’re being transported. In the end, this helps make sure the specimens stay in good condition and the test results are as accurate as possible.

Optimizing Blood Product Distribution

Blood products need to reach their intended destination quickly and safely. In line with this, pneumatic tube carriers help to ensure that blood products are distributed efficiently and effectively throughout the healthcare facility. Instead of requiring a staff member to leave their station and physically carry blood bags from the blood bank to where they’re needed, pneumatic tube carriers can get them there safely in minutes.

Improving Infection Control Measures

Infection control is always a top priority in healthcare facilities, and pneumatic tube carriers contribute significantly to keeping the facility safe and clean.

In a healthcare setting, there are inevitably various items that could be contaminated with bacteria or viruses. When staff members have to handle these items directly, there’s always a risk of exposure. With pneumatic tube carriers, though, those items can be safely transported without any direct contact and staff members don’t have to worry about touching them.

Facilitating Interdepartmental Communication

Healthcare facilities are made up of various departments, and they all need to communicate and work together to keep everything running smoothly. Pneumatic tube carriers can help facilitate such interdepartmental communication by allowing for the rapid exchange of documents. Whether it’s a patient’s chart from one department or an important document that needs to be signed, pneumatic tube carriers can transport them quickly, which helps provide better patient outcomes.

Take Your Healthcare Facility’s Operations To The Next Level

Pneumatic tube carriers can help your facility with faster, safer, and more efficient processes across the board. From lab specimen transport to blood product distribution, these systems can help you streamline your facility’s operations and provide better care for your patients. Pneumatic tube carriers present a compelling solution to many challenges faced by healthcare facilities, so call us today to learn more about the range of our pneumatic tube carriers.