If you’ve never heard of coin scoops, you’re not the only one. Outside of some businesses, coin scoops aren’t a common everyday item. Nevertheless, coin scoops remain an essential tool for certain businesses that operate daily.

What is a Coin Scoop?

A coin scoop is a small tool used to hold coins. Just like an ice cream scoop is used to scoop and hold ice cream, coin scoops are used to hold coins. They are sometimes used to weigh coins as a quick and easy way for businesses to determine how many of a certain coin they have.

Coin scoops often have a funneled end to make dumping coins into a bag easier. In some cases, they may be used to hold extra coins that won’t fit into a coin tray.

Coin Scoops Are an Absolute Must for These Businesses

Coin scoops are invaluable to certain businesses, usually those that deal with a lot of cash. Despite the popularity of credit and debit cards, many businesses are still cash only, and as such, coin scoops are an essential daily tool.

  1. Banks

Banks deal almost exclusively with cash as customers come to deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts. Since banks handle a lot of change everyday, it’s crucial that they have an easy way to store and keep the many coins they have. From coin trays to coin scoops, banks rely heavily on a lot of tools that most people may otherwise deem outdated or old school.

  1. Nail Salons

Many nail salon customers prefer to use cash, and some nail salons only allow cash. As such, nail salons deal with a lot of change every day and need an easy way to sort and store the coins that they receive. Coin scoops are just one of the methods they use.

  1. Vending Machine Owners

Although vending machines are starting to incorporate card payments, many people still use change to purchase their favorite snack or drink. Anyone that owns a vending machine needs a way to hold all the change collected, and coin scoops are often their go-to choice.

  1. Laundromats

Laundromats are still a popular service, and since many of them still use the same machines as several years ago, they rely heavily on coins. Even small laundromats accumulate a lot of coins and need some way to keep track of all their coins. 

As more and more people opt for apartments, the laundromat industry is expected to grow. While machines will likely start to include card payment options, using coins to pay for a washing machine is still the most popular choice and this isn’t expected to change.


Coin scoops do play a vital role in the daily operations of some businesses. Thanks to their unique design that incorporates a funneled end, they’re a convenient way to store coins and can make collecting them easier. For these businesses, coin scoops are an easy method to help speed up daily operations and make coin handling processes more efficient.