Many people assume that the hospital pneumatic tube system was used decades ago and have been phased out by now, but that’s not true. Even today, they still have a uniquely vital role to play in the medical world.

What are Pneumatic Tubes?

Pneumatic tubes are often used as a very intricate piece of medical technology. They run through a system built in the hospital’s walls and transport anything from lab results to blood bags all across the hospital. 

A pneumatic tube system is designed to make communication and transport quicker and easier. In hospitals, time can be everything so having a way to send information as efficiently as possible is vital. Pneumatic tube systems do just that. 

Pneumatic tubes are plastic tubes that protect a specimen while it’s being transported. Furthermore, these tube systems can be connected between buildings that are sometimes streets apart. Pneumatic tube systems aren’t limited to just one area which can make getting prescriptions or references from another clinic easier than ever.

Do Hospitals Still Use Pneumatic Tubes?

Yes, many hospitals still use pneumatic tube systems and regularly update them. Even though these systems have been in place for decades, technology continues to advance and improve. Since pneumatic tubes are incredibly efficient at transporting data, hospitals continue to rely on them for daily operations.

Pneumatic tubes allow medical professionals to focus on their patients rather than getting information across the hospital. As a result, medical staff can direct their attention towards more urgent work, but still be certain that the reports or data they sent will get to where it needs to go.

Technology has not worked to outdate pneumatic tube systems. Instead, it has helped improve the system’s efficiency and reliability. Pneumatic tubes have played an important role in the inner workings of hospitals for so long that it’s simpler to improve them rather than replace them altogether.

Why Do Hospitals Still Use Pneumatic Tubes?

As mentioned, pneumatic tube systems greatly increase the efficiency of a hospital. Staff have more free time to focus on other matters and information still gets transported. 

There are many reasons why a hospital may use pneumatic tubes. One of these reasons is to transport documents. Whether it’s paper reports, administration tasks, or ID papers, pneumatic tubes can ensure that the information is securely taken to the right place. 

Another reason hospitals use pneumatic tubes is to transport specimens. The tubes are tightly sealed to protect what’s being transported and limit contamination risks.


Pneumatic tubes can be used for a variety of tasks, making them very versatile and useful. Hospitals may use them to deliver sensitive information or simple to-do lists for the administrators. No matter what’s being transported, pneumatic tubes do an excellent job in keeping the information protected and sealed, so it isn’t damaged.