Pneumatic tube systems are a reliable and efficient logistical solution for a broad range of industries today, including the banking, healthcare, and retail sectors. Common usage can include transporting blood and lab samples, to documents and medicines. Regardless of the specific industry or usage, pneumatic tube system carriers have proven to increase productivity and safety in the sense of contactless interactions.

 The pneumatic tube is passed through a sophisticated network of stations, tubes, and diverters. Designed to reach a speed of up to 15 m/s, the pneumatic tube system can carry weights of up to 8 pounds.

Overall, a pneumatic tube system is extremely versatile and can be customized to various needs. A pneumatic tube can carry a range of weights, depending on what it has been designed to transport. The most important point to note is never to overload your pneumatic tube system to keep its contents secure. It’s vital to determine the weight that your particular pneumatic tube system can carry and be mindful of the limit when transporting your contents.

Washington Security Products has been manufacturing pneumatic tube carriers since 1976 and is experienced providing you the correct carrier for your hospital, pharmacy or financial institution’s needs. To find out more about our wide range of pneumatic tubes, give us a call or check with us about the weight capacity of your pneumatic tube system.