In this digital age, people often pay with their phones or credit cards. You might not see people paying much with cash anymore, but that doesn’t mean that cash is any less important. In fact, even in the digital world, cash and coins are still everywhere. 

Cash and Coins Are Still King In a Digital World

Despite how much we rely on automatic payments and credit cards, surveys actually find that a majority of people still carry some amount of cash in their wallets. Really, only a minority of people, maybe less than 10 percent, never use cash at all.

Global Cash Movement

In the early 2000s, billions of dollars were moved around the world globally by people and companies alike, and this hasn’t changed even in the past twenty years. Why?

The reason is that cash, despite inflation, is a little more stable or safe. When confronted with political and economic turmoil, cash is still considered a more reliable option. According to Western Union, around 83 percent of transactions are still in cash. This is only slightly reduced from the 85 percent around a decade ago.

Digital payments will continue to grow without a doubt, but cash isn’t going anywhere either.

Cash and Coin Accessories

As businesses still deal with a significant amount of cash, it’s necessary to have accessories like coin trays to help organize bills and coins. Having the right accessories will streamline payment processes, enabling customers to be served promptly and cash to be accounted for easily. 

Additionally, cash and coin accessories also help to improve productivity in the workplace. Our coin scoops and cash trays provide ample space to store notes or checks. With the necessary accessories, businesses are able to quickly see how much money they have in their cash tray at a glance and not waste time rummaging through drawers to search for bills and coins. Your customers will receive more interaction while finding the checkout process much faster and smoother.

Cash and coin accessories help to organize your space, so you won’t need multiple drawers or compartments throughout your store or office. This goes a long way in reducing any confusion or delays for your employees, allowing them to be more productive at work.


Cash is still king in a digital world. Our world will never be rid of cash, not when it’s still needed for all kinds of companies and business transactions. And where cash and coins are still used and circulated, necessary tools like coin tray accessories are needed. Such accessories go a long way in helping to organize your store or office, improve productivity in the workplace, and ensure that your customers get more attention from your employees since less time is needed to sort and store the cash.