You may think of coin trays as a thing of the past and they certainly can look like something out of the 50s. Either way, coin trays don’t look like a modern invention.

There is a reason why coin trays haven’t been phased out, though, and why they are still a popular tool even to this day. Numerous businesses such as banks, restaurants, and small businesses rely daily on coin trays and when you look at their reasons, it’s easy to understand why they choose something a bit more archaic.

Why Businesses Use Coin Trays

Simply put, coin trays are efficient. They’ve been trusted by small businesses and bank corporations for years, even when more modern electronic devices have become an option. Even if technology can’t get rid of them, then there is certainly a reason why they’re worth keeping around.

If you’re a business owner, it might be worthwhile considering the points below for ways you can benefit from using a coin tray.

  1. They Make it Easy to Count Your Coins

Coin trays are clearly labeled and made to accommodate pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and even dollar coins. No matter what coins you encounter as a business owner, you’ll have a row in your coin tray to accommodate them. Not only will you have a space to put them, you’ll have a space that makes counting them incredibly easy.

Each row is marked along the side so that even if a row isn’t filled completely, you can see very quickly how many cents or dollars you have stacked up.

  1. You Can Wrap Coins Easier

This is why banks use these devices. They make it easy to roll up coins as you don’t have to painstakingly count each row twice to make sure you have the right amount. Simply fill up the row, and when the last coin is placed, you know you have the perfect amount to wrap.

If you know you will use wrappers in the future, look for a coin tray that comes with wrappers. While not every brand will include wrappers in with the price of their coin tray, quite a few will. This can save you a little extra money as you won’t need to buy both wrappers and a coin tray separately.

  1. There is No Complicated Learning Curve

Any sort of machine or electronic device comes with a learning curve and the more complicated the device, the more difficult it is to learn. With coin trays, though, there is no learning curve. As long as you and your employees can tell the difference between coins, you can use a coin tray. 

Instead of spending your time training new employees how to master your complex coin counting machine, you can hand them a coin tray and know that they’ll be able to figure it out pretty quickly on their own.


Coin trays may be archaic, but there are reasons why they’ve lasted so long and why they’re still popular even to this day. Take some inspiration from these interesting ways they’re used and apply them to your own day-to-day operations.