Pneumatic tube carriers have become an essential tool in the medical industry, thanks to their ability to quickly and safely transport materials throughout hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Especially in emergency medical situations where every second counts, pneumatic tubes for medical systems can help medical professionals transport samples, medications and make medical decisions promptly.

How Pneumatic Tube Carriers Benefit the Medical Industry

Improved Efficiency

Time is of the essence when it comes to medical care. With the help of pneumatic tube carriers, medical staff can quickly and easily transport patient specimens, medications, and other supplies between different departments and areas of the hospital, which improves the efficiency of medical facilities. Instead of manually transporting these items like hospitals would do in the past, a significant amount of time and effort is saved.

Additionally, pneumatic tube carriers can help to reduce wait times for patients who need urgent care. For example, if a patient needs a blood transfusion during surgery,surgeons can quickly send an urgent request to the blood bank via a pneumatic tube carrier. The blood bank can then send the necessary blood products back to the operating room via the same system, minimizing any disruptions to the surgery.

With reduced transportation times, medical staff can then safely focus on their vital tasks attending to their patients.

Lesser Risk of Contamination

When medical staff transport patient specimens manually, there’s a risk of contamination from handling or accidental spills. However, pneumatic tube systems can transport these items quickly and safely while reducing the likelihood of contamination.

Some pneumatic tube systems even use RFID technology to track the carrier’s location and ensure that it arrives at the correct destination. This can help to prevent mix-ups or errors that could lead to contamination or other issues.

Increased Patient Safety

In medical emergencies, pneumatic tube carriers can help to increase patient safety in several ways. For example, blood samples and medications can be transported and received quickly with the help of pneumatic tube carriers, allowing emergency medical decisions to be made promptly. 

By reducing the time it takes to transport medications, medical staff can also ensure that patients receive the correct medications promptly. Additionally, by reducing the risk of contamination, pneumatic tube systems can help to prevent the spread of infections and other illnesses between patients.

Leverage the Benefits Pneumatic Tube Carriers With Washington Security Products

The benefits of pneumatic tube carriers truly make them an essential tool in the medical industry.  With the ability to transport medical supplies and specimens quickly and easily, hospitals, pharmacies, and blood bank operations have been able to streamline their operations and reduce the amount of time and effort required to transport materials manually. 

By improving efficiency, reducing the risk of contamination, and increasing patient safety, pneumatic tube systems can help to ensure that medical facilities provide the highest quality of care to their patients through faster diagnosis and treatment. Call Washington Security Products today to learn more about leveraging the benefits of pneumatic tube carriers for your hospital or medical practice.