Pneumatic tube carrier systems help to save time, improve productivity and convenience while simplifying your processes and operations. With constant usage though, it’s essential to clean and maintain your pneumatic tube system to ensure that it keeps working optimally.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to tubes that are used for banks or cashiers, make it a point to inspect each tube regularly. Check the wiring as well as the hardware to make sure that everything is in place and working well. Look out for any damage and ensure that the seal works correctly. 

Be sure to clean the carrier bins of each tube regularly. Don’t forget about the dispatch panel too. This is the panel where you’ll find the various buttons that control where each tube is sent to.

It’s also important to remind your employees about the maximum capacity that each individual carrier can hold, so as not to damage or overload the tube.

The diverter is another important component of the entire system. Inspect its faceplate and tray to ensure that they are free of any dirt. Check to ensure the seals work well and remain intact, and remember to apply lubrication on the chain of the diverter.

Finally, check that the cage, air shifter, and faceplate of the blowers are working well. Inspect the sensors as well as the seals. Be prepared to call a technician if you encounter any issues with inadequate air pressure or if you spot any damage to the seals.


If you want your pneumatic tube system to last and keep working optimally to serve its purpose in your organization, it’s important to be proactive in cleaning and maintaining it. Being consistent with your maintenance and cleaning also allows you to spot any issues early so you can address them. 

If you have any questions or problems with your pneumatic tube system, be sure to have a qualified technician work on the system.