When it comes to the day-to-day operations of your business, efficiency and saving time are a priority. After all, there is so much your business has to deal with throughout the day, and not setting up optimal systems will make a big difference. 

For businesses that deal with a lot of cash and coins, a proper system is all the more vital. This is where cash trays come in to help organize and save space. 

Our Teller Cash Trays

Our teller cash trays come with bill compartments to help you organize the various bills. Designed to fit standard cash drawers easily, we know how much use your teller cash tray will experience during its lifespan, which is why we have chosen to manufacture our trays from styrene. This tough and durable material will guarantee many years of heavy use day in and out. 

Some of our teller cash tray models also come with compartment coin scoops that conveniently fit into any bill compartment. 

Need a convenient spot to store your excess checks or notes? Our 5601 Teller Cash Tray comes with a large open space just for that, so you no longer have to store excess checks in a different drawer or area. It’s possible now to keep everything organized and easily accessible within one tray. 

If you think that teller cash trays are rather standardized with no room for design variations, you’d be surprised to know that our products actually allow integrating with other components for your own customization. For example, you can integrate our 5701 Coin Rack into the back open space of our 5601 Teller Cash Tray. 

Once the coin rack is in place, your teller can lock the lid and store it in the vault teller locker without having to remove the coins or re-fill them the next day. Feel free to ask us about a reduced package price for our tray, coin rack, and locking lid as a convenient all-in-one kit for your business.

How Teller Cash Trays Help Organize and Save Business Space

Fast cash dispensing and organization are vital for a business as it means more time, focus, and interaction for your customers. Teller cash trays help organize your space effectively, so you know where your bills and coins are with a quick glance. 

Keeping all your cash and checks in one accessible spot also helps keep your business well-organized, so you don’t need various drawers or compartments in different spaces throughout your shop or office. 

Good organization within a business helps ensure that employees can perform their roles effectively. In addition, it reduces confusion, delays and time wasted looking for things like bills and coins that could be better organized. 


Good organization of processes and space are integral to a business. Valuable time won’t be lost, and customers can be attended to promptly and efficiently. Ultimately, business owners will save time and experience reduced stress. 

For businesses that deal with cash, a good teller cash tray system shouldn’t be underestimated and will significantly impact daily operations. Contact us today to find out more about our various teller cash tray models and how they can help better organize your business.