Coin trays are responsible for holding coins and in banks, typically sitting in a spot bank tellers find easy to reach. They might seem like something that should have been replaced with smart technology several decades ago and yet they’re still quite popular today. Teller coin trays are actually a very convenient tool that can save both time and space.

How Can a Coin Tray Save Time and Space?

Coin trays are designed to make organizing coins a breeze. They feature one long row for every type of coin: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and even dollar coins. Along the right side of each row, you’ll find a simple marker that counts the coins for you so that you don’t have to wonder how many pennies are in that row.

Since coin trays do the counting for you, there’s no need to recount stacks of coins to be sure you counted right. Furthermore, even if a row isn’t full, you know exactly how much you have because it’s marked on the side. This means that even if counting coins isn’t your strong suit, you can be sure of the amount that you have.

Given their simple and easy-to-use nature, there’s no need for extensive training for your employees to learn how to use them. With coin trays, your employees can jump straight into utilizing them, saving time thanks to the lack of a steep learning curve.

Coin trays keep coins organized and in neat rows, which means you won’t have to paw through a drawer of coins just to find six nickels or seven dimes. Instead, just glance down at your little coin tray and count the coins you need.

Each row is sized perfectly to the coin it’s meant to hold. This means that if you accidentally put a penny in with the nickels, you’ll know immediately. It won’t fit right. Even if you don’t notice immediately and put a few more nickels in after it, something will seem amiss when you look down at the tray and see that one coin seems smaller than the rest.

Coins, if not organized properly, can take up a lot of space. Some businesses bundle coins in various bags, which not only takes up space but makes it harder to sift out the exact coins you want. Instead of leaving coins sprawled across a counter or dropping them into a cash register drawer, coin trays keep your available space clean and organized. Especially in small businesses where space is limited, having a coin tray available to organize your coins can open up available counter space when you need it.


Although coin trays look like something that came right out of an old movie, they are still a vital tool to many businesses today. Banks still rely on them, but so do restaurants and small businesses. With an easy learning curve and a simple function, coin trays are a great way to make space and save time.