Hospitals, financial institutions, banks and offices use pneumatic tube carriers to transport materials quickly. The pneumatic tube carriers that we offer from Washington Security Products can do all of this and more, with well-designed carriers meant to last.

Why Choose Washington Security Products?

You have your choice of pneumatic tubes, so why choose Washington Security Products? Not only are our tubes designed well, but they’re manufactured right here in the United States—just talk to us about getting a quote and we’ll let you know how long it would take your shipment of pneumatic tubes to get to you. We’re able to ship same-day to almost anywhere, after all.

Our Experience

We’ve been in business since 1976, which is part of the reason why we’re so well-versed in all of the types of pneumatic carriers. That means that we know everything about drive-up carriers, hospital carriers, and cash-handling carriers too.

If you’re looking for a company that can help you and support you, you can rely on us to use our experience to figure out how we can best suit your needs. Talk to us about what type of pneumatic tube system you already have, and what carrier might work for you.


With a wide variety of carriers, our carriers can be ordered to fit all drive-up units that you already have. Just pick out the size and the color that you’re looking for, and you can even color-code your carriers to work specifically for your intended purpose.

We can even customize tube carriers for those one-of-a-kind unique delivery systems.

Our pharmacy carriers can be used in 4.5-inche tube systems, with a large capacity inside. Commercial carriers can vary a little more based on size, but you have two options depending on what you need.

No matter what you choose, our options ensure that you’re able to pick the carriers specifically for your needs—and you’re even able to choose colors based on what you anticipate each carrier being used for.

Ease of Use

Our carriers at WSP are simple to close and to use, but they’re also easy to stack and to store when they’re not in use. This will help with the overall organization of your environment, no matter what you’re transporting.


If you’re looking to transport anything from money to medicine, you’ll need a good pneumatic tube system to support you and your business. Our carriers are not only made to be safe and secure, but they’re easy to store and well constructed. Using our carriers to complement your systems, you can rest assured that your business processes can function smoothly.